Need Statement
There is a need for Black and Brown communities to gain access to STEM/TECH careers and inform them about resources in order to improve their financial and career opportunities.

How did you specifically address the problem listed in your needs statement?
We developed a resource folder with access to learning materials, personal interviews with people who have made the transition, and community networking and mentorship resources.

What qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation metrics did you examine?
Interviews with industry leaders, constant community feedback, interest of participants being measured before and after various events.

What community resources did you develop?
We developed an online resource guide with tech guides and tech career videos (

How did you use social media or digital tools for outreach and/or data collection?
We reached out to our personal networks on Linkedin and Twitter.

What community partners and allies did you work with to address the problem?
ShipT, The Climate Corps, Target, HackBright Academy, Capella University, One Signal, Second Chance Studios, CodeCombat, and Code 2040.

How does this project lead to greater racial equity?
This is a great starting point, but to have a serious impact more resources and time must be dedicated to community impact and there needs to be a consistent presence in the space.