The Results

The Issues

The Program

What We’ll Do

Science for Social Equity aims to foster an environment in which community organizers and scientific researchers can work together on science-related issues impacting marginalized and underrepresented communities. Our goal is to create community-driven solutions that help educate and mobilize communities to address these challenges.

How We’ll Do It

A maximum of five community organizers and five scientific researchers will be selected as Science for Social Equity Fellows, and each fellow will receive a $2,000 stipend. Fellows will be paired based on Target Issue interest, and each pair will work together to address the program objectives. Fellows will receive the following trainings to help guide their work: 1) Project Management Training, 2) Organizing Training, 3) Science Communications Training, 4) Digital Tactics Training, and 5) Advanced Leadership and Fundraising Training.

What You’ll Do

1) Identify science-related issues that impact marginalized and underrepresented populations in a specific community;

2) Work with community stakeholders to identify a single issue on which they wish to focus,

3) Develop organizing tactics (traditional and digital) and outreach products (print, digital, social media, etc. assets) to disseminate information and engage community stakeholders,

4) Conduct research to determine the impact and efficacy of organizing tactics and outreach products, and

5) Share research findings with community and other stakeholders.

Where You Learn More

How You Apply

The Science for Social Equity program application deadline was March 20 .

How We’re Funded

The Science for Social Equity initiative is a special project of Fair Count, Inc. It is funded through a Black Voices for Black Justice Fund grant awarded to Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean, Vice President of Fair Count, and matching funds awarded by Fair Count.

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